Saturday, March 21, 2009

You're the top, you're the louvre museum

The Louvre, like the Met, is one of the museums you can spend days and days in, and if I ever go back hopefully I can do some more drawing there :D

A Hapsburg princess by Velasquez- the whole family has that face, and one has to wonder what they ACTUALLY looked like, if this is the slightly prettied up portrait convention.

A nice thing about the museum was that there were window seats for chilling and planning what to see next- this is a not so great drawing of lizzie drawing the view outside the window.

Us outside the louvre- we're a perfectly equilateral tourist pyramid :D

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Margarts said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! Love the photo in front of the Louvre! I love the way you see things, sometimes a little sinister, maybe even a little sarcastic view (always a good thing in my book) and always with great humor! Even your more "serious" drawings have a personality! Always fun to look at your work!