Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Rijkmuseum and The Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam, in addition to all its other various um, famous recreational activities, holds the Rijkmusuem and Van Gogh collections. Awesome eye candy!

Van Gogh's Fishing beach- pretty much what it says on the tin, but its nice to draw something OTHER than portraits, every so often.

Zouave (which I think its a sort of soldier?) by Van Gogh, and Portrait of Young Woman with Rice Powder Tin, by Tolouse Lautrec (the Van Gogh museum was interesting in that it held the work of his contemporaries and friends- Lautrec, Gauguin, etc- in addition to his own paintings). The subject is Suzanne Valadon, Lautrec's girlfriend at the time and a painter in her own right.

I love 17th century dutch portraits- the faces have such character, and how can you not get a kick out of the giant collars & cuffs, frazzled hair and their need to put lace on EVERYTHING? The lady on the left is a Rembrandt, though you wouldn't know it from my drawing :D

This guy was FABULOUS- he had a big red sash, a yellow jacket, the requisite lace, and the pout of a man who'd have a chambermaid just to put his boots on for him. The best part was there was a pendant portrait of his father, in severe black, looking very disapproving of his dandy son. To the right is a nice burgher woman- love the ruff and cap.

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