Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brussels, PART ONE!

Besides waffles, chocolates and frites, Belgium's other great national product is the bande dessinee (drawn strip, literaly) or the comic. Brussels in particular is covered in comic murals and is home to the Belgian Comic Strip Center, which of course we had to visit (and take ridiculous pictures in). One of the striking things about the franco-belgian (Belgium has both dutch and french as the official languages, so the cultural & geographic proximity to france lends itself to an interchange of creators) comics is that it seems to be seen much more as a medium, rather than a genre- here, comics tend to conjure up the idea of superman or batman, with autobio or at least non spandex comics being less mainstream.

I bought a postcard of Beccasine who, according to our friend wikipedia, was the first female protagonist of her own comic back in 1913 & an influence on the later TinTin - she's an amelia bedelia type clumsy maid, and I just think her design is cute.

These are just some cute pages from a comics magazine I bought in the train station- They're fun, and I love that they're stylisticaly different but still valid. The top reminds me of some of the stuff Lucy Knisely does.
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And here's some silly pictures from the museum itself-I have a ton of stuff from brussels, so there'll be some more posts on this soon :D

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