Friday, September 4, 2009

Sketchy, Mr Sketchy Galore

So on a whim I went to the Met today- They had an exhibit of Ancient Afghani art, and I drew this singing bird-woman-jug thing; I like that she has both betty page bangs and gauges in her ears- she could be the hipster harpy of brooklyn.

A bunch of girls dancing from a japanese screen- I loved the middle one's sticking out ears.

Charles Beauclerk, Earl of Burford, and the illegitimate child of Kings Charles the 1st and Nell Gywnne, who was the very first in a long line of bawdy red headed english language comediennes; one of the stories of how charles junior supposedly got his title: "The first is that on arrival of the King, his mother said, "Come here, you little bastard, and greet your father." When the king rebuked her for calling him that, she replied, "Your Majesty has given me no other name to call him by." In response, Charles created him Earl of Burford."

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Amberbop said...

I love the rhythm of the women dancing on the screen, the third one makes me jealous--both of the drawing and her crazy long hair;) Mine is never long enough to really whip.