Sunday, August 9, 2009

No Fear, Julia

Hey kids, long time, no see, huh? I saw Julie & Julia on friday, and in addition to being adorable and very funny, I found it very inspiring- as someone who can get hung up on failing & not knowing what I'm doing, it was great to see characters face that and get through it, to complete the daunting projects they've taken on. So, in that spirit, I think I'm going to try to do & post a drawing everyday. Will I actually follow through with it? Hopefully! We shall see.
And in honor of julia, a pretty good looking insalata caprese I made the other day.


Margarts said...

Bon Apettit! LOVE the drawing! I too found the movie inspiring, but more along the lines of trying something besides "pub grub"! I think it would be easier to bone a duck than to post a drawing every day! But that's just me!

Elizabeth Savanella said...

very ambitious! Im so glad your doing this cause my internet time was becoming very boring without your posts!and that mozzarella cprese looks sooo good!