Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Material Girl

This is just a sample of the ton of fun stuff I bought this weekend at The Renegade Craft fair and MoCCA, like this ridiculously adorable headband by Giantdwarf

Or this ginormous tote bag from Survive Designs. Its pink, has robots, and I can fit everything I own into, its good times.

At MoCCA I picked up Radiator Days, a collection of awesome miscellaneous & autobio comics by the very funny, inspiring and multi talented Lucy Knisley

and Bite Me, an early comic about revolutionary france & vampires by the erudite Dylan Meconis

and finally The Professor's Daughter a graphic novel with a really distinctive watercolour look to it. Everything I saw at both events was so inspiring!

1 comment:

Victoria Savanella said...

do you think i could borrow the vampire one when ur done with it? It looks really good!