Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lene makes me awesome things, and I obvs need to share them with the world- here's little me (note the fang!) hanging out with my literary bff Oscar Wilde. I've got polka dots and everything!

We've gotten sucked into this bbc series that's based very, very, very loosely on arthurian legend (there was an entire episode about unicorns, if this gives you any indication of what kind of show this is). I made her a pop up card for her bday of merlin riding a unicorn, and then she crafted an actual merlin & unicorn based on my card. Cause we're cool like that :D

These are all characters from Dr Who & Torchwood- the one on the top left is a hand puppet.

And this is Old Gregg, a funky mer-man from The Mighty Boosh (more obscure tv, I know). I love his hair! Lene has an etsy where she sells some of her dolls- go check it out more of her awesomeness there Lene's etsy Shop


Margarts said...

You snooze you lose, I just grabbed that snazzily dressed four on Lene's etsy shop to sit on my desk!

Stevie Wilson said...

100% YES on Jack and Iato. <3