Thursday, November 27, 2008


At around two o clock in the morning, they start playing 'Girls Gone Wild' commercials, and me and lene have some variation of this conversation pretty much every time I'm over her house. Click to make it bigger, as always.

The Creative Process.

If you've somehow managed to miss it (lucky you), Twilight is a series of books (and now a movie) about a morose mood swinging vampire named Edward Cullen, who despite being 118 years old, still goes to high school. You're 118! GET A JOB! These are a few career suggestions.


Victoria Savanella said...

OMG soo funny! we saw the movie and i thaught he was soo irritating...and come on...he glitters!

Hu said...

these are great, esp that last one, never saw the movie or read the book but just the expression on that guy's face makes u wanna lol