Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Marie!

A little birthday painting of my friend Marie, library science grad student, blogger & kitsch enthusiast extraordinaire. She has a St. Catherines wheel, St Catherine being the patron saint of librarians in particular and the overeducated and underappreciated in general. Why the unicorn? Why NOT the unicorn?


M said...

This is great! Watercolor?

Also, I think you should make t-shirts of your witty illustrations. I'd love to wear one that said, "Why the unicorn? Why NOT the unicorn?"

Also I printed out that drawing of me that you posted a while ago. Ah if only my self portraits were drawn so well.

Elizabeth Savanella said...

this is so great! and i had the pleasure of meeting marie so its so funny seeing the likeness :)

Stephanie Buscema said...

adorable! I love the little scarf in her hair!