Saturday, October 6, 2007

Whats with these homies dissing the Frans, why do they got to front?

Went sketching at the Met the other day & saw the Age of Rembrandt show. Dutch portraiture is wonderful; even if the sitter has a face like a potato, the handling of paint and the inner character that shines through is amazing. Poor Frans Hals got no respect- all the old ladies in the gallery made a little moue when they saw his name instead of Rembrandt's on the wall label.
The last lady I just like cause she looked so un-amused; I suspect the enormous floofy bonnet has something to do with it.


Ricardo Lopez Ortiz said...


Peter Emmerich said...

OOOH- I totally would have gone with you~

I love the Sargent image- you know how I love that painting!

The potato line made me laugh out loud!