Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First post!


Margaret said...

LOVE ALL YOUR WORK! Look forward to seeing more!

Pietro St. Christopher said...

I find your painting to be an excellent interpretation of Lucian Freud's "Reflection" in your own artistic style, yet I question if that is the intention.

In general, I question the intent a great deal, as I am unaware of the scope of the project as well as photography settings used. For the former, I wonder on what criteria I should judge this work? If it is to be a comparison, then certainly we must know as an audience that this is the intent. If it is to be an interpretation, then that is relevant as well. Of course if it is merely to be judged subjectively as all art is, then the presence of the original provides a confusing frame of reference. On the latter question, I wonder if it is the materials, the lighting, or the skill of the painter that makes the colors in the reproduction appear washed out. Some basic information about camera settings might eliminate this confusion.

Lastly, I find Freud's "Reflection" an interesting choice as it is in fact a self portrait... what happens to a self portrait when someone else creates it? The minimalist color pallet makes it a challenge in some respects as the blending of subtleties must be as fine work with a chisel than the broad and flippant visual axe work of higher contrast piece.

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