Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Mom

So, today's my mom's birthday, and i just wanted to write a little bit about her, and how awesome she is, cause i don't really tell her that all that often. Here, at random, are some things about mom:
* She loves the colour orange, and has two pairs of the same style of little orange shoes, and they're adorable
* She has a very particular way of rubbing her hands that i've picked up, and have managed to pass on to my friend teresa
* She's one of the funniest people I know
*She'll always wish you a happy 11:11

Oscar Wilde has an axiom about how everyone woman becomes her mother, and i hope to have even a fraction of my mom's humour, integrity, and ability to keep-calm-and-carry-on. She's unfailingly honest & will always tell you the truth, whether its about a piece of art or a situation, and she's unstintingly kind, going above and beyond (usually without thanks) for the ones she cares about. She's extremely funny & clever, and her ability to find humour even in bleak times has very much helped form my own perspective on the world. She's amazingly talented, and doesn't give herself enough credit, and has a meticulousness, eye for colour & work ethic that I've never seen in anyone else.

I've come to appreciate her in a whole different way, having worked together in the same industry the last few years- on top of everything else she's taught me over years, she's really mentored me in this & there's no one who knows her field better, or has more to share about it, than she does. I'm proud to have her as a colleague & a friend, as well as loving her as my mom :D

Happy Birthday Ma!